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My uncle Virendra Mhaiksar runs an optical fiber laying organization for cell specialist organizations. For this reason he needs to travel all through the country to get tenders and do the concerned occupation. This story which I am going to tell happened a year ago amid the time of December close to a town in the condition of Jharkhand.

We were intersection this town dead at 2am in the morning. My uncle, me, his companion and the driver were in the auto. We were dock tired inferable from such a lot of voyaging. With a specific end goal to cross the town we needed to cross a scaffold. The extension was narrow to the point that it could permit just a single auto to take a break. We heard numerous spooky things about this town yet never trusted things, for example, ‘phantoms’. The driver was always instructing us to stop the auto at some motel since he trusted that intersection the town at this hour was a terrible thought. Be that as it may, we didn’t hear him out and we pushed encourage with a specific end goal to come to the focused on goal.

Nearing the way to deal with this scaffold, we ceased along the edge of the street to pee. A couple of 100 meters in front of us we saw a portion of the brambles rattling. We could see that in light of the fact that the headlights were still on. I assumed it to be a rabbit or some irregular creature. Be that as it may, it was not what I had anticipated. What it really was knocked our socks off.

When we began the auto and were prepared to move all of a sudden a ladies wearing a red wedding saree was seen creeping on to the street as though she required offer assistance. Half of her garments were torn as though she was assaulted. As we got nearer she jumped up and remained before us with her back confronted away. The driver shrieked to a stop. She gradually turned and afterward what we saw blew our. She had a brutal face, similar to the one you get after somebody crushes your head with an immense shake. Blood everywhere all over and gradually coming nearer to the auto.

The driver was in such a condition of stun, to the point that he go out. My uncle shouted to kill the lights, however the driver was so confounded by the sight he couldn’t so. I jumped up, took out the lights and we sat down unobtrusively. The clamors which the substance was making could be heard and gradually blurred away.

As of now the driver was moved to the rearward sitting arrangement and I drove the auto as quick as I could and stopped it to an adjacent motel. No one talked, we were at a condition of daze. We woke up the following day and rushed off never to visit back the Village again. Unquestionably not in the close-by future.

The question is that what might have happened to the lady of the hour on her day of marriage remains a riddle.