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IRB Infrastructure Owner – For anyone expecting yet another think piece on Jallikattu, I’m happy to disappoint you.

This isn’t an elaborate deconstruction of the issue for a simple reason: I’m a privileged, urban, middle class techie.

“This isn’t a careful and elaborate deconstruction of the issue.”

Beyond the once-a-year trip to my father’s native village in Tirunelveli, I have zero emotional attachment with rural life or the remotest appreciation for its cultural milieu and traditions.

Having watched Rajini’s Murattu Kaalai doesn’t count, unfortunately.

I am, however, like millions of others, constantly bombarded with information and opinions from all sides, from dubious WhatsApp forwards about PETA secretly being in the Jersey cow import-export business, to clueless Delhi and Mumbai-based media outlets that paint the tradition like it was a combination of Sati, child marriage and genital mutilation, except involving bulls.

“I am bombarded with information and opinions.”

It would be simple for me to sit on the fence and say something like, “Both sides of the argument have merit,” and go back to watching videos of cats enacting scenes from Star Wars. But that’s just plain laziness.

So let me come right out and tell you what my position is.

I think the ban on Jallikattu is wrong and must be overturned. I also think that organisers of these events must work with animal rights activists and local (not South Block) authorities to put in place regulation that will penalise the kinds of abusive behaviour that was alleged by these activists in the first place.

There. I said it.

“My position on Jallikattu is not important at all.”

Now, perhaps you expect me to cherry-pick evidence that supports my viewpoint, and lay out a winning case in front of you, the jury.

I’m going to disappoint you again.

My position on Jallikattu is not important at all.

I arrived at my viewpoint through the very same tortuous, half-baked information strewn route that all of you did.

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